From rags to riches

When my eyes stopped believing in dreams When my heart was convinced that it’s meant to be empty You walked in… You walked in and filled my eyes with dreams You walked in and my heart welcomed its only owner When I was scared of losing myself When I accepted love is not meant for […]

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Immortal love

  I want to be the water that quenches your thirst on a sunny day. I want to be the blanket that gives you warmth on a cold day. I want to sit next to you after a tiring day just to let your presence make me fresh again. I want to laugh at all […]

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Walking on a road with(out) you, no destination in mind. Searching for love with(out) you, alluring feelings in heart. Fighting the demons with(out) you, no sword in hand. Hoping to last with(out) you, no terms and conditions. Breathing this air with(out) you, no fear of suffocation. Thinking of a future with(out) you, bright and beautiful.

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Monsoon Blues

I heard the pitter-patter sound of raindrops which are reducing the sound of traffic chaos and the overcast sky conditions are indicating that I’m home- bound for hours now, the muggy and gloomy weather is compeling me to get back to my room and cuddle with my pet who is already asking for back rubs […]

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A different story

Twinkling eyes, Beautiful smile, Sunshine face but what she have been through last night is a different story. Glimmering eyes, upward curved lips, calm face but what her mind and heart are debating about is a different story. Lachrymose eyes, Dry lips yet smiling, regret on face but the reminder beep on her phone is […]

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The reason why people find it so hard to be happy is that they always see past better than it was, present worst than it is and future less resolved than it will be.

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